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Tom Rowe was born in a small town in South Yorkshire, England to a local Parish Clerk mother and travelling salesman father. He moved to Manchester in the North West six years ago and hated it. Writing followed shortly after and, when he looked a little harder, he fell in love with the place and the writing, both becoming his closest allies in different ways.

His debut novel, under the pseudonym Todd Levin, ‘Not Dark Yet‘, a semi-autobiographical story of a man on a downward spiral following the loss of the two most important people in his life, was released in early 2014. A darkly humorous story compared to works by Charles Bukowski, John Fante and Donald Ray Pollock, it is as much a love story to the city of Manchester as it is a tale of loss, lust and moving on.

Tom released his second book ‘Alcoves Inside the Lining in March 2016. The short stories collection consist of eleven stories of people in different stages and states of life that hit roadblocks and must deal with them as only they know how, influenced by the people that surround them, how they were raised and the traumas that followed them throughout their transfixing and often tragic and beautiful lives.

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Alcoves Inside the Lining

Each of the short stories in 'Alcoves Inside the Lining' focus on 11 people living very different lives, facing life-changing conflicts, the kind each of us will find ourselves embroiled in during our lives.

From a man seeking out a woman he once knew after seeing her in his store, a photographer without identity, to a man dealing with his wife's ever-deepening dementia, at its heart 'Alcoves Inside the Lining' is about being human and the conflicts we face along the paths of our lives.

"There’s a brutal beauty to Tom Rowe’s ability to drop all his armour and present emotionally intense stories filled with warmth, humour, and carnality on the edge of an abyss."

Dave Louden

Author of Lost Angeles

Not Dark Yet

"...the sincerity of Tony Parsons coupled with the downtrodden grace of some of the Beatnik's finest from straight out of Venice west..."

The debut novel from Tom Rowe (under the pseudonym Todd Levin), Not Dark Yet is the semi-autobiographical story of a man in tail-spin two years after his father-like grandfather died and the love of his life left him in the space of a week. Moving from drink to drink, woman to woman, bad situation to bad situation, the only moving he isn't doing is moving on.

Now in the space of a week spanning the New Year, a time for change and new beginnings, where the chaos that follows him moves from the ridiculous and the hilarious, back to tragedy and to the prophetic, he must decide whether to move on for his own sake or continue losing his way.

Not Dark Yet is as much a look at our ability to survive in the hardest of times as it is to self-destruct. It is also a love story to women and the English city of Manchester where it was conceived and written.

"Fans of Fante (John and Dan alike), Charles Bukowski, Donald Ray Pollock to name but a few should check it out and underline the name Rowe as one to watch out for."

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